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Plu Kow

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Scientific name: Houttuynia cordata

Plu Kow: The Thai common name for the “heart leaf” used for centuries in traditional Asian herbal medicine in support of the immune system. H. cordata was used by Chinese scientists to tackle SARS as it is conventionally used to treat #pneumonia. It is best known as an #immunomodulatory herb and is currently being tested at #AIDS hospitals in Thailand with promising initial results.

In Japan, dokudami, made from the dried #PluKow leaves, is widely used for ridding the body of harmful bacteria. Best results are achieved when the Plu Kow leaves are fermented with starter cultures of lactic acid bacteria. This provides us with a #probiotic product. Drying using heat destroys lactic acid bacteria. The best method of preservation is the Dynamic Freeze Dry process which preserves the desirable probiotic microbes and valuable thermosensitive compounds.

The proper blend of Sprouted Black Rice, Noni, Amalaki and Plu Kow make an excellent tonic to support immune system functions.