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Matcha Green Tea

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Traditional medicinal uses of green tea goes back 5000 years in China. Tea was introduced to Japan about 600 AD by priests who had gone to China to study Buddhism. A natural #stimulant, green tea leaves contain low levels of caffeine, but in combination with L-Theanine – a water soluble amino acid that neutralises the speedy “rise and crash” effect typical of caffeine – Green tea invigorates without draining your energy. Bamboo Hut utilizes a proprietary “#Macha #Green #Tea” powder that is produced without the need for mechanical grinding. This produces a better preserved, more bio-available form of unfermented green tea powder. Macha Green Tea provides the unadulterated benefits from the entire tea leaf.

  • Matcha green tea provides long lasting energy but the presence of a rare amino acid (L-Thenainie) combined with caffeine takes  away the “edge” of caffeine alone.

  • L Theanine crosses the blood brain barrier to exercise a direct influence on the brain helping to combat stress, improve memory, alertness and attention.

  • #Antioxidants, most notably ECGC’s, in green tea leaves help us to burn fat, improve cholesterol levels and reduce oxidative stress in the brain.