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Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Scientific name: Mangostana garicinia

Contained in the pulp (rind) of the #Mangosteen fruit are powerful, life-enhancing bio-active phyto-nutrient compounds, #Xanthones,” which are found nowhere in nature in more abundance. They are super strength antioxidants with a long list of beneficial properties.

Noted ethnobiologist, Dr. James Duke has identified 210 distinct active ingredients found in mangosteen, each of which play a role in maintaining balance in the human body.

Japanese scientists have demonstrated that a #mangosteen xanthone directly inhibits the cyclooxygenase enzyme, thus interrupting the chain of events leading to inflammation. Imagine the benefits of consuming Flavinoids of Dark Chocolate, Catechins of Green Tea, Vitamin C of Oranges, Carotene of Carrots, Proanthocyanidins of Grape Seeds and Polysaccharides of Aloe Vera all at once, day after day. Mangosteen contains ALL these nutrients in substantial amounts. These and other essential nutrients help to protect and balance your body. Science is, once again, verifying and validating centuries of successful use and traditional wisdom.

  • Powerful, life-enhancing bio-active and bio-available phyto-nutrient compounds are found in abundance in the pulp (rind) of the mangosteen fruit. These include super strength #antioxidant compounds.

  • Scientists have demonstrated that compounds in mangosteen directly interrupt the chain of events leading to inflammation as effectively as potent anti-inflammatory drugs but without adverse side effects.

  • The flavonoids of dark chocolate, catechins of green tea, Vitamin C of oranges, carotene of carrots, proanthocyanidins of grape seeds and polysaccharides of aloe vera are among the nutrients contained in mangosteen.