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Updated: Jun 16, 2018

Scientific name: Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Jiaogulan (“jow-goo-lan”) is native to S. W. China, known for the longevity of its inhabitants where it is known as the “Herb of Immortality” #herbofimmortality taken in the morning to provide energy and after work to relive fatigue. Modern science has confirmed that Jiaogulan increases oxygen utilization and assists efficient cardiac function. Jiaogulan became known to the West when Chinese athletes used it as a secret weapon in their pursuit of Olympic metals.

#Jiaogulan maintains vital functions, increases endurance, provides resistance to injurious stimuli and promotes individual core health with strong potential for prevention as well as healing.

The Thai concept of “The Wisdom of Equilibrium” identifies balance as the key to good health. In balance, your well-being and natural healing abilities are at their highest natural level.

#Jiaogulan (like other adaptogens) is “bi-directional.” Should you require energy, it increases your energy, but if you are overactive it will calm your nerves. If your blood sugar level is low #jiaogulan will raise it, but if too high it will lower the level. Jiaogulan works on what’s given and different for each person to adjust and strengthen the body sequentially while maintaining overall balance.

Jiaogulan leaves contain well balanced proportions of selenium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and phosphorous. #Vitamins #B1, #B2, #carotene join the broad spectrum of proteins and amino acids.

  • An energising herb that combats fatigue, increases vitality and endurance, speeds recovery, heightens mental alertness and enhances longevity.

  • Increases the body’s natural abilities to respond to all kinds of internal and external stress.  Jiaogulan grows best in stressful high-altitude conditions:  high winds, hot days, cold nights, and extreme rains during rainy season and drought conditions during dry season. This high level of adaptability is part of jiaogulan’s genetic code. What jiaogulan does for you when it enters your body is a remarkable reflection of how it survives and prospers in the wild.

  • Intelligently responds to balance our physiology by raising and/or lowering given conditions until they fall into normal parameters.  This “bi-directional” balancing activity (unknown in allopathic medicine) produces measurable results which cannot be explained by chemistry alone.  Jiaogulan responds to intercellular messages that indicate the location and nature of an imbalance and in which direction and what degree an adjustment is required to normalize the condition.  Jiaogulan responds to direct the body to normalize its own functions.

#combatsfatigue #increasesendurance #increasevitality #heightensmentalalertness