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Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Scientific name: Morinda citrifolia

#Noni is described in ancient Chinese and Indian texts and Polynesian legen

#SEROTONIN: Noni has been shown to make specific brain proteins (enzymes) more receptive to endorphins that have potent analgesic properties. This supports the traditional use of noni to control pain.

#Serotonin is a #neurotransmitter (sending electrical impulses from on nerve cell to another) and is believed to affect a wide range of emotional and physical responses. Decreased serotonin levels can stimulate hunger impulses, and negatively affect sleep patterns, temperature regulation, pain responses, cognition, motor functions and emotional moods.

Noni has been used in rehabilitation programs to help people escape from #dependency on #drugs, #alcohol, #nicotine, overeating and other habitual substances and obsessive behaviors. By adjusting serotonin levels people are able to feel good without the need for these substances thus reducing the physical component of these obsessive behaviors and addictions.

  • Noni is a very hardy species which can thrive just about anywhere .  Noni’s primal capacity to adapt is an essential expression of our basic capacity to survive.

  • The wide range of health benefits attributed to Noni are all related at the cellular level.  Noni assists cellular structure and function to promote coherent balance (homeostasis) which affects your entire being.  In balance your self-healing abilities are at their highest levels.

  • Vital phytochemical compounds in Noni improve blood pressure, cerebral blood flow, memory functions, and immune system. Noni provides relief from debilitating pain including #Arthritis and has a calming, relaxing effect.