We, at Herbal Blends, want our customers to be able to experience and benefit from the vast bounty of herbs and Botanicals that grown on earth, and 5000 years of traditional wisdom that has brought herbal wellness to the prominence it enjoys today.  We strive, in every possible way, to produce ingredients that embody this ancient wisdom while working, at the same time, to dispel the notion that herbal ingredients from Asia are of unknown quality or effectiveness.  We stand behind our quality, purity, and safety as we evolve toward the perfect balance of tradition, nature and science.

While we strive to support our customers, we also strive to support the indigenous farmers in Thailand.  We provide opportunity and assistance for more farms to convert to organic agriculture.   Many of the foods and herbs  are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides for economic reasons (chemicals are expensive) and additives are considered unnecessary and contrary to traditional farming practices. Traditional farming practices use natural fertilizers and compost, and few, if any, use synthetic pesticides, making the brilliant high-altitude Hill Tribe farmers of Northern Thailand good candidates for future organic certification.

Herbal Blends supports and encourages farmers to convert to organic agriculture.  We work directly with farmers and co-ops to teach and promote sustainable organic natural agriculture including ethical wild harvesting and wild crafting practices.

International marketing realities now make it clear that the public increasingly demands organically grown, non-GMO, non –synthetic nano particle food and supplements.  We simply need to get back to nature.   In our Dynamic Freeze Dry process we remove almost all the water.  In this process a hundred kilos of fresh product with 80% moisture level results in 20 kilos of dry power. Everything good is concentrated 5 X (as a percentage of total weight) and everything bad would also be concentrated 5 X.  For this reason it is critically important to source only organically grown raw materials.  Some may be organically certified, some may be wild crafted, and some may be wild harvested, but all must be organically grown.  We visit and work to together with all our farmers.  We know them all.

Most of our sources in Northern Thailand are Hill Tribe farmers.  Located in the foothills of Chiang Mai, we are close enough to most of our suppliers to allow harvest in the morning and delivery into our process the same afternoon.  

These are very spiritually oriented people.   Their religion is a mix of Buddhism, ancestor worship, and animism.  They believe that nature is imbued with spirits that must be respected and protected.  The trees and all living things, but also inanimate features of nature such as the rocks, the dirt are all imbued with spirits. 

All the rules and regulations that supposedly govern the natural food and dietary supplement industry (but may, in fact, amount to nothing more than an illusion to support slick marketing *) do not hold a candle to the deep commitment of our Hill Tribe agricultural partners to natural agriculture.

We need be part of a higher level of commitment, a wave of transformation that challenges us to change the way we view our reality that embraces biology, philosophy, and metaphysics.